Digital Kitties
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These are pictures of Sarah and Charlotte, my 'little girls'. Sarah is the fat, wildly coloured calico- a "tortie", if you will. Charlotte is the somber grey and white small one. I live with them in their house, and I love them more than life.

As I get more pictures of 'the girls', I'll put them here. I know it's dumb, but when you're as pathetic as me, it helps.



Sarah being sleeeeepy

Sarah was my first Kitty. She came to me in 1999 as a three-month-old by way of being found in my flower bed- left for dead by the neighborhood kids that were abusing her. They'd been throwing her into a trampoline, and managed to tear her left eye open (it's a deeper "gold" color than her right eye, now, and the pupil is jagged and irregular). Initially, she was malnourished and sickly, in addition to being injured and dirty. She wouldn't move at all, and didn't even object to being bathed- she was that hurt.

My vet claims that she has eyesight in the left eye again- but I'd love to know how he "knows" that. I try to cover her right eye sometimes to see if she reacts to things in the left- but she just shuts the left one! Whatever the case, though, she's happy now, and very far from malnourished.

No- the damned kids didn't get punished. I didn't see them doing it, and the neighbor that did wouldn't tell me names because they didn't want to get parents upset at them. If Sarah had died, or been blinded, I'd have probably gone ahead and called the cops- but it just wasn't worth the hassle. I'm certainly no hippy tree-hugging vegan nutjob- but I definitely have a problem with abusing an animal with no specific benefit to Man other than pleasure. Science is one thing- throwing a poor little kitten into a trampoline because it's cool to hurt kitties pisses me off.



Charlotte, glamourously backlit

Charlotte was my second Kitty, and she came to me as an unwanted "gift" for some children in 2000. She was somewhere around six months old when she moved in. She's skittish and nervous, and kinda clumsy with her long legs.

This "glamorous" backlit picture of Charlotte does a good job of bringing out the cute little grey spot on her chin. You can kinda see that she has multi-colored toes in one other shot, too. Some of her pads are pink, some are darker- they go with the fur. Charlotte is very cute.

Charlotte doesn't have any great drama associated with her life. She has an inappropriate suckling instinct that seems to activate whenever she gets into the plush furry kitty-bed that I bought for her. She sucks on the side and purrs loudly. Other than that, she's a perfectly normal Kitty.

Eating and Lying Around

  Charlotte Eating   Charlotte sits around   Around and around   Lounging around again   There's no stopping Charlotte
  Sarah lounging   Sarah lounging more   Sarah lounging more and more   Sarah lounging as you would not believe   Sarah looks us in the eye
  Hi Sarah!  *MEOW*   A rare shot of both girls lounging about

Sleeping in the Bathroom Sink


Charlotte has gotten in the habit of removing the plug from the bathroom sink (presumably with her mouth), and sleeping in the then-empty sink. Here's Charlotte at 4:30AM when I accidently awakened her from slumber to use the bathroom.

  SLEEP INTERRUPTED!   Leave me alone.   What are you doing?   Get that out of my face.  

Other Strange Places


Cats put themselves into strange places.

  Kitty Wedgie  

Here Charlotte has wedged herself into a tall stack of boxes, presumably to sleep- 'cuz ya' know, boxes are comfy.

  35.6VAC Kitty  

Sarah has chosen to lie on my toolbox and volt-ohm-meter- bet those probes feel good in the soft underbelly.

  Cool Kitty  

Here's Charlotte resting in an optional tray from my large cooler I take camping. Apparently it's fun to sit inside things.

  *MEOW*  It's my drumset!  

Charlotte wakes up inside the kick-drum of my drumset! Apparently the towel I've installed in the drum is a comfortable resting place, and she was able to overcome her irrational fear of the drumset long enough to fall asleep inside it. Way to overcome those fears, charlotte!

Weirdos and Loonies


I get more hits for this page from strange search-engine requests than any other page. That'd probably be okay if I'd intentially 'baited' it. I guess I just didn't realize how popular the words "girls", "wedgie", and "plug" are together in searches. I've probably just baited myself even more here. Heck- if I'm gonna do that, I might as well include the words "teenage" and "porn", too. Wa-hoo! Watch the hit count rise!